930,000 kn for energy efficient vehicles and energy renovation of a public building in Makarska


Contracts were signed today at the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund for co-financing the purchase of energy efficient vehicles and the energy renovation of a public building in Makarska categorised as a cultural good. The contracts worth HRK 930 thousand were signed by Siniša Kukić, the director of the Fund, and Zoran Paunović, PhD, the mayor of Makarska.

The participants in the meeting held at the Fund were the director of the Makarska Development Agency – MARA, Lidija Vukadin Vranješ, the head of the Energy Efficiency Sector, Maja Rajčić, and the head of the Director’s Office at the Fund, Hrvojka Petrović Grahli, and the topics discussed included the excellent cooperation in the past, and the new public calls in the pipeline. 

The mayor of Makarska expressed his appreciation of the cooperation and the meeting itself, in which the purchase of one electric vehicle and four electric bicycles was agreed, for which the Fund allocated HRK 101,000, as well as the energy renovation of a public building categorised as a cultural good, for which the Fund earmarked almost 830 thousand kunas.