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Personal data protection


Responsibilities of the personal data protection officer are laid down in Article 18a, paragraph 8, of the Act on Personal Data Protection (OG 106/12), under which the personal data protection officer:

  • Is responsible for the legality of processing personal data within the meaning of this Act and other regulations governing personal data processing,
  • Has to warn the personal data filing system controller of the necessity to apply personal data protection regulations in the event of planning and actions which could affect the matter of privacy and personal data protection,
  • Informs all the persons working on the processing of personal data about their legal obligations in relation to personal data protection, looks after fulfilling the obligations under Articles 14 and 17 of the Act,
  • Enables the exercise of the rights of data subjects referred to in Articles 19 and 20 of the Act,
  • Cooperates with the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

Personal data protection officer is obliged to keep as confidential all the information and data that she/he learns in the process of performing her/his duties, and this obligation continues after the duty of the personal data protection officer terminates.

Contact information of the personal data protection officer at the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund: 

Mirjana Kroflin, bacc.oec.
Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb
telephone: 01/5391-819
fax: 01/5391-810
e-mail: mirjana.kroflin@fzoeu.hr

Decision on appointment of the personal dana protection officer
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