Boulders in Omiš no longer a threat to the town centre


The repair of the last micro location secured the stability of the rock mass above Omiš. The representatives of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund Present were present at the event of taking-over the works between the contractor and the Town of Omiš.

Since the resources were limited, the project did not include the entire rockface running along the Cetina River canyon, so 17 locations that presented the greatest potential threat were remediated instead. The recovered area stretches almost two kilometres along the entire old part of the town, and includes the districts of Smokvice-Točilo, Peovo and Sveti Mihovil-Baučići towered by the rock reaching up to 155 meters.  
Rock repair works were completed in early 2019, after which the final inspection was carried out and the use permit obtained. The Fund approved the additional HRK 2.8 million to boost protection at one of the 17 micro locations where 74 rock bolts (anchors) preventing the rock fragments from falling on residential buildings and the street had already been installed. The works included prestressing of the previously installed rock bolts and installation of the safety netting, steel ropes and short anchors.
At the taking-over ceremony to mark the completion of the works at the Omiš Town Hall, mayor Ivo Tomasović thanked the Fund and director Kukić for their partnership, as well as for financial and professional support, resulting in the completion of this complex project.
“The Omiš rocks remediation project is a unique intervention in many aspects, and not only in selecting and using different technical solutions, but also due to the fact that for the whole time the works were carried out in the very centre of the town. I’m happy that all went well and that the people living in this part of the town can now be safe in their homes “, said Aleksandra Čilić, the head of the Environmental Protection Sector at the Fund that was in charge for the implementation of this project.