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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in the building sector

Energy renovation of family houses

Family houses comprise 65% of the dwelling stock in Croatia, which accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption at national level. The majority of family houses in Croatia were built before 1987 and they have almost none or minimum thermal insulation (energy class E and below). Such houses consume 70% of energy for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water, and energy efficiency measures can significantly reduce their consumption, in some cases as much as up to 60% compared to the current one.

The Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, and the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection, adopted on 27 March 2014 the Programme of energy renovation of family houses, which is implemented by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. The goal of the Programme is to increase energy efficiency of the existing houses, to reduce energy consumption and emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere, and to reduce the monthly costs for the energy generating products, with the overall improvement of the quality of living. At the same time, the planning of such interventions implies the engagement of the local companies and experts, meaning it stimulates economic activities.

Amendments to the Programme were adopted in 2015, allowing all citizens of the Republic of Croatia to apply directly to the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. In addition, the definition of a family house was changed, and the procedure of submitting the application for the incentive grant was simplified. As of 2015, the houses with the gross floor surface area up to 600 m2or not more than 3 residential units, with more than 50% of the surface area that is used for dwelling became eligible for application.

In 2016, the co-financing programme was additionally adjusted due to the utilisation of EU funds under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion. As the 2014 Government Programme envisaged, from 2016 the funding would be withdrawn from the European funds, so the additional adjustment of the requirements for co-financing was necessary. Until 2020, Croatia will have available €100 million for the renovation of the dwelling stock, of which 30 million euro is allocated for the renovation of family houses.

Currently, all the elements of the adjusted programme are not yet known, but as soon as they become available, they will be posted on our website, so we advise you to keep following our pages.