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Energy efficiency

Energy Efficient Transportation

Co-financing the purchase of energy efficient vehicles

One of the key measures for stimulating energy efficiency in transport is stimulating the use of hybrid and electric vehicles. According to the data of the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, the emissions of CO2 in the overall national traffic amount to approx. 5.6 million tonnes, of which road traffic accounts for as much as 3 million tonnes. There are more than 2 million road vehicles registered in Croatia today, of which almost 1.5 million are passenger cars. The average age of passenger vehicles is more than 12 years, so an average passenger vehicle in Croatia emits around 3 tonnes of CO2 per year. To illustrate, a hybrid vehicle emits 1 tonne of CO2, while electric vehicles have no emissions nor do they contribute to noise pollution

With a view to stimulating cleaner transport in Croatia and reducing air pollution, in 2014 the project entitled Let’s drive economically, through which the citizens and companies are awarded grant funding for the purchase of energy efficient vehicles. In the period 2014 – 2017 the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund co-financed with 50 million kuna the purchase of 1425 electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. According to the data of the Croatian Centre for Vehicles, an increase in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles is noticeable in the last few years. In 2012, there were only 13 electric cars in Croatia, in 2014 74 were recorded, and in 2017 as many as 277.

Why electric vehicles?

  • No emissions of noxious gases in the atmosphere, i.e. their use reduces the detrimental impact on the environment,
  • Their use reduces the consumption of fossil fuels (non-renewable energy sources),
  • They imply a reduction in maintenance costs and higher safety in traffic,
  • Lower tax burden,
  • Reducing noise pollution (it is estimated that almost 20 % of EU citizens are affected by the noise the levels of which are deemed unacceptable,)
  • They contribute to the corporate social responsibility, i.e. sustainable development.

On 25 April 2018, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund published the new Public Call for co-financing, under which 12 million kuna for the citizens have been provided. The co-financing was possible for the purchase of not more than one vehicle, and the amount of the grant depended on the type of the vehicle. The incentives were available for the purchase of the following categories of vehicles:

  • electric bicycle – up to 5.000,00 kuna
  • electric vehicle in the categories L1-L7 – up to 20.000,00 kuna
  • M1 category vehicle with a hybrid “plug-in” drive – up to 40.000,00 kuna
  • M1 category vehicle with electric drive – up to 80.000,00 kuna

Requirements to apply for co-financing:

  1. Fill out the application form on the Fund’s website (www.fzoeu.hr),
  2. Send to the Fund’s e-mail vozila.gradjani@fzoeu.hr the signed and scanned copy of the application form, as well as the unsigned Excel form in .xlsx file
  3. Attach the scan of both sides of your ID card
  4. Attach the offer for the vehicle issued by the Seller, accompanied by the technical specifications of the vehicle that is the subject matter of the offer. The category must be clearly listed (as per point I of this Call), as well as the manufacturer, model, type of drive (electric/”plug-in” hybrid), engine power (kW) and CO2 emissions(g/km, where applicable); this information, except in the offer, can be listed in a catalogue, certificate, etc.

All details of the co-financing procedure can be found in the text of the Public Call on our website: http://fzoeu.hr/hr/nacionalni_javni_pozivi_i_natjecaji/, together with the accompanying forms. 

On 25 April 2018 at 14:54, all available resources of the Fund allocated for this Public Call have been used up, and the Call is therefore considered to be closed!