HRK 1.9 million for electric vehicles in Brijuni


The director of the Fund, Siniša Kukić, and the manager of the Public Institution Brijuni National Park, Marno Milotić, signed the Contract for co-financing electric tourist vehicles worth 1.9 million kunas. As part of the project, the Fund will finance the purchase of 20 electric vehicles for rent and four for the transport of the guests, the overall value of which is HRK 3 million.

“E-mobility has already become European Union’s strategic goal, especially in the areas that are biodiversity oases, such as national parks. We are glad that tourism in Brijuni is really thought through with sustainability in mind, and we will continue our commitment to any good ideas that will contribute to environmental and energy efficiency goals,” said the director of the Fund.

The manager of PI Brijuni NP Marno Milotić confirmed that sustainability had to be the priority in the management of national parks. “The purchase of new electric vehicles will contribute to the tourist offer on the island, and at the same time preserve its specific features. This was our goal, and during the implementation of the EU project Brijuni Reinvented, we have had excellent cooperation with the Fund, which is something we’re hoping to maintain in the future,” concluded Milotić.

Years-long cooperation of the Fund and Brijuni NP has so far resulted in the implementation of 18 projects worth more than HRK 50 million. Considering the Green Deal and Croatia’s climate and energy policy, all activities contributing to sustainability and green infrastructure will continue to be promoted, which will also be supported through the Fund’s new co-financing programmes.