HRK 108.3m for energy efficient vehicles


Today, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund started public calls for co-financing the purchase of energy efficient vehicles. HRK 103.3m call has been earmarked for citizens and companies, while 5 million is allocated for legal persons in the public sector.
Units of regional and local self-government and the institutions in the private sector can start submitting their applications today from 9:00 directly to the Fund, while citizens and private companies can start applying from 27 June at 9:00 through authorised dealerships, the same method that was used last year.
“This model proved to be very effective as it guarantees the percentage of used up allocation will be high. This year we’ve increased the budget, especially for companies and citizens, and according to the information in the field, we’re expecting great interest,” said acting director of the Fund Alenka Košiša Čičin-Šain, adding that thanks to the incentives, the numbers of the first-time registered energy efficient vehicles on the Croatian roads was growing.
45 car dealerships responded to the Fund’s invitation to participate in this year’s co-financing scheme, with 81 car makes and 539 models, and with the maximum co-financing rate of 40% of eligible purchase costs. The list of vehicles eligible for co-financing and 301 dealerships where they can be bought is available at vozimoeko.fzoeu.hr.
The amount of the incentive depends on the category of the vehicle, where the Fund co-finances the purchase of electric vehicles in the following categories: L1-L7 with the amount of up to 20,000 kunas, M1 plug-in hybrids with up to 40,000 kunas, while vehicles in the category M1 with an electric drive are eligible for up 70,000 kunas. In addition, the funding is available to legal persons for the vehicles in the category N1 that includes plug-in hybrids (up to 40 thousand kunas), and electric, CNG, LNG, or hydrogen vehicles with the maximum co-financing of up to 70,000 kunas. The maximum of HRK 400,000 is available for co-financing the vehicles in the categories N2, N3, M2, M3 with electric, plug-in hybrid, CNG, LNG, or hydrogen drive.
To obtain co-financing from the Fund, all interested parties first have to choose the desired vehicle and contact one of the outlets listed in the Fund’s database and the list of vehicles. After the citizens or companies decide on the make and model of an energy efficient vehicle, together with the chosen authorised retail outlet they have to prepare the necessary documentation. This is followed by the application process that includes the entering of mandatory information and uploading the required documentation into the application by the dealership to automatically reserve the incentive. The sequence number of the application is assigned in the chronological order according to the date and time of making the reservation through the Fund’s online application. After successful application, the dealer receives a confirmation notice they will print out and give it to the buyer. The confirmation contains the entered data, No. of application, and payment instructions for the mandatory minimum advance payment that, depending on the category and price of the vehicle, amounts to 7% of the requested incentive. In the cases where the advance payment also includes the down payment required by the car dealer, it should be clearly stated in the invoice that part of the listed amount is the mandatory minimum advance stipulated by the Fund. It should be noted that the receipt for the minimum advance payment for the purchase of the vehicles included in the incentive scheme must not be paid before the date and time in the confirmation of successful reservation of the incentive.
The incentives can be secured until the amount in the application reaches HRK 103.3, after which the call will be temporarily closed to the citizens and companies. On the website vozimoeko.fzoeu.hr you can check the availability of funding in real time, as well as all information about the co-financing programmes, the list of all vehicle models eligible for co-financing, and of the retail outlets where the vehicles can be reserved and collected.
The Fund is planning to continue e-mobility incentive programmes, so co-financing of the infrastructure for charging energy efficient vehicles has been announced for the autumn.