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Campaign “For an Even More Enchanting Croatia!” on the Open Day at the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia

26.01.2019. Various educational activities related to waste management were presented today on the Open Day manifestation at the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia, as part of the campaign “For an Even More Enchanting Croatia!”. The campaign is implemented by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Energy for the purpose of educating the citizens and raising public awareness, especially of the children, about the importance of waste prevention and its proper separation.

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović mentioned that the development of circular economy is one of the issues tackled globally, and that until 2025 EU Member States have to provide for reuse and recycling of at least 55% of municipal, and at least 65% of packaging waste.

She also mentioned intensive cooperation with the towns and municipalities aimed at providing the necessary infrastructure, adding that continuous activities were required with regard to informing and educating the citizens about the possibilities and importance of responsible waste management.

At the Office of the President, the children had the opportunity learn how to properly separate waste, and they also made drawings of the characters featured in the campaign “For an Even More Enchanting Croatia!” they are already familiar with from various promotional materials and media contents. 

Children, as well as adults, also had the opportunity to see and learn through educational materials how to make something new and interesting from old and used items, for example bird feeders, vases, fridge magnets, clocks, candelabra, etc.

Mrs. Grabar-Kitarović also acknowledged social organisation Humana Nova, which promotes employment of disabled and socially excluded persons in the production and sale of textile products made from eco- and recycled material. Humana Nova has also made the T-shirts for our campaign bearing the recognizable slogan: “We are not trash!”.

We are used to simply taking raw materials from the nature as if their supply were inexhaustible, and use them to manufacture the products of which almost 80% we throw out after just one use. Thus we are exhausting valuable resources and energy, and we create – waste. In order to stop the negative trends, environmental and nature protection is becoming essential for the future sustainable development. It is necessary to take concrete measures at all levels by amending the legislation and introducing green technologies, because only in this way we can preserve the resources we depend on.