The Fund’s budget for energy efficient vehicles used up


The Public Call for the purchase of energy efficient vehicles has been temporarily closed this morning after the citizens and companies reserved the entire amount of HRK 103.3 million allocated by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund for this purpose. The applications could be submitted as of today at 8:00 through 301 dealerships network offering the buyers the choice of 539 vehicle models.  
In less than 90 minutes, 1711 applications were received for 2034 vehicles. As last year, around 60% of applications were by natural persons. The funding was mostly required for electric vehicles – 90% of the budget, while two thirds of the vehicles are in the M1 category, meaning passenger vehicles for which the average amount requested was HRK 65,000. Around 100 applications for co-financing the purchase of commercial vehicles in the N1 category were received.

Some of the best-selling vehicles are in the sub- and compact class, such as Renault Twingo and Dacia Spring that, thanks to the incentive scheme, in terms of prices came close to traditional vehicles in the same class size. Significant interest was also shown in electric mopeds that were eligible for co-financing in the amount of up to HRK 20,000.

As expected, the most vehicles were reserved in Zagreb and Zagreb County, but significant numbers were also recorded in Split-Dalmatia and Primorje-Gorski Kotar counties, followed by Istria and Dubrovnik-Neretva counties.  

After the dealerships reserved the incentives through the application, citizens and companies have an 8-day deadline to pay to the account of the dealership the mandatory minimum advance payment, citing their reservation reference number in the payment order. The outlet then has to upload the receipt for the advance payment and proof of payment from the buyer, so that the buyers can receive on their emails the confirmation of successful application to the Fund’s public call. The applicants whose documentation is complete and correct will receive by post the decision and co-financing agreement, based on which they will have to purchase the planned vehicle within 12 months and submit the relevant documentation based on which the Fund will refund the approved amount of incentive.

In the case that within a period of eight days any number of reservations is not confirmed by the advance payment, the Fund will reopen the public call and dealerships can continue receiving the applications until the available budget is used up. All information about the opening/closing of the Public Call will be posted on time on the websites www.fzoeu.hr and vozimoeko.fzoeu.hr.