The Fund signs Resolution Z – Eco drive for protecting the environment


Today at the Crotian Academy of Sciences and Arts, at five to noon – the symbolic “nick of time” – the representatives of the daily Večernji list and eight partners, one of which is the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund,  signed the “Resolution Z”, the document whose goal is “to implement targeted and coordinated efforts to protect the nature and develop a smart society taking care of the environment and their future”.

On behalf of the Fund, the resolution was signed by director Siniša Kukić, who expressed his pleasure with the fact that Večernji list recognised the necessity to put media focus on the environmental protection topic. “It is highly important that this topic is discussed not only by the institutions and activists but the media as well, and especially the experts in this field who can have a considerable impact on the public opinion. I believe that we can all together promote changes and show responsibility for the world we live in and the generations to come,” said Kukić.
The signatories to this RESOLUTION hereby pledge to act in favour of and promote:
(1) the maximum increase of the rate of using renewable energy sources 
(2) active implementation of waste management strategies    
(3) focus on recycling and systematic separation of waste 
(4) the efforts to prevent unsustainable practices causing environmental pollution and contributing to negative climate change   
(5) fostering of good and innovative business practices for preventing and reducing the threat to environmental pollution and innovative economic practices that can prevent and reduce the threat to environmental pollution or control its negative impacts
(6) encouraging cooperation at all levels to effectively resolve the risks threatening the environment                                                                                                                                                                                    (7) the initiatives focused on improving the public’s awareness and understanding of the positive impact of the functions and environmental protection       
(8) dissemination and sharing of information about the environment based on evidence aimed at improving public awareness of the critical and new environmental issues 
(9) sustainable tourism activities and adequate capacity building to encourage environmental awareness, conservation and protection of the environment for a healthy and sustainable Adriatic Sea ecosystem 
(10) focus on sustainable development and promotion of economic, social, and environmentally sustainable future.

In his opening speech, the Večernji list CEO Renato Ivanuš greeted the participants, thanking them for their support and briefly explained how he came up with the idea to start this project. “We are all trying to do something, but the fact remains it is not enough – because if it were, there would be no need for us to gather here today. That is why I’m grateful that you joined us. We have invested our media power, but on our own we are not strong enough and we needed partners. You are the ones who will help us to see through this greatest eco-drive that starts today and will last for as long as it takes. So, let’s start, let’s sign the paper. We all pledged to do something extra, set an example and prove that the fight for the environment is not all talk no action, and something requiring a lot of effort. So, let’s start making Resolution Z happen together,” said Ivanuš.