Call for proposals – environmental protection projects for associations


The Fund launched the Call for proposals worth HRK 2.2 million for co-financing environmental  protection projects, with the highest co-financing per project amounting to HRK 80,000.
This Call for proposals is aimed at civil society organisations and associations entered in the Register of associations, that have been active in the Republic of Croatia for at least one year and work in one of the following areas: ecology, environmental and nature protection, sea and marine environment protection, climate change, sustainable development, and speleology.
“The field of environmental protection is an important subject about which we have to keep the citizens informed. Associations play an important role in shaping the views and behaviour of the public and bringing forward specific topics that do not have sufficient public attention. Accordingly, the Fund is supporting many projects in this field. This year we have earmarked 2.2 million kunas, with the maximum of 80,000 per project,” said the director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Siniša Kukić.
The projects eligible for grant funding should cover the area of waste prevention and reuse, organising sea and speleological objects’ clean-up eco-drives, the activities aimed at raising public awareness about climate change adaptation, help informing the public about their role in environmental protection, promoting the principles of green management, and the importance of eco-labels.
Any association can apply to the call for proposals independently or in partnership, and the proposal is submitted by the association acting as project leader. Under this call for proposals, any other association as project leader can apply and conclude contracts for no more than two projects.
The deadline for the submission of proposals is 30 November 2021.   
These projects are aimed at improving the knowledge of our citizens and the importance and methods or protecting the environment and nature. At the same time, it is crucial to actively involve the citizens in the local environmental protection projects, raising the awareness of biodiversity, and the importance of conservation of the plant and animal species that Croatia abounds in.

Link to the Call for proposals: Call for proposals for co-financing environmental protection projects (ZO-5/2021) | Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (fzoeu.hr)