Co-financing of condensing boilers

On 22 March 2020, a strong 5.5 earthquake (on the Richter scale) occurred, with the epicentre 7 km north of Zagreb (Markuševec) at the depth of 10 kilometres. In the aftermath of the earthquake, many buildings were completely or partially destroyed in the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County, and Krapina-Zagorje County.
In order to for the citizens to be able to go back to normal life as soon as possible, on 7 May 2020 the Croatian Government adopted the Decision amending the State budget to provide HR 141 million for urgent repairs and purchase of condensing boilers for the citizens whose property was damaged. The primary goal was to dedicate these funds to raise the level of safety in the areas struck by the earthquake, and to make possible for the citizens who would be able to return to their homes after repairs to have hot water and heating.  
For the required temporary protection of buildings from the elements and to remove/secure dangerous parts of the buildings that could have or could pose a risk to people’s lives or health, the repair or replacement of chimneys, repair or replacement of the gables, the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning earmarked more than HRK 100 million, and they will allocate up to  12000 kunas per household for these works. More information is available at the Ministry's website.
The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund provided and additional 41 million kunas to co-finance the purchase of energy efficient condensing boilers. The programme is intended to help owners/co-owners of the buildings damaged in the earthquake in repairs and to get a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating and hot domestic water systems.
To exercise the right to co-financing, the people had to apply to the Fund's Public Call launched in 10 June 2020, and supply all the necessary documentation listed in the text of the Call. The application could be submitted through the Fund's e-Applications system for co-financing programmes, and documentation could also be sent by post or handed over directly at the Fund’s registration office.
Eligible applicants included the owners/co-owners of buildings (family houses and apartment buildings) that were damaged in the earthquake, from the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County and Krapina-Zagorje County, who prior to the quake use to have atmospheric gas boilers.
The funding of up to 80% or up to HRK 8000 was available per household, regardless of whether it was an apartment in a multi-apartment building or a family house.