A collector is a legal or natural person-tradesman that pursuant to the Act holds a licence to perform the activity of collecting end-of-life vehicles.
The collector is obliged to accept from the holder their end-of-life vehicle and parts and materials resulting from the maintenance of the vehicle. The collector is obliged to hand over to the treatment operator all collected end-of-life vehicles, and vehicle parts and materials, in the condition as is when taken from the holder and accompanied by the consignment note pursuant to a special regulation.

The collector must have a secure warehouse to store the collected end-of-life vehicles. It is prohibited to treat end-of.-life vehicles, dismantle them, or remove liquids from them in the warehouse. End-of-life vehicles must not be stacked in the warehouse, and they must be stored in such a way as to avoid damage to parts of motor vehicles containing liquids and components which can be reused and recovered. End-of-life vehicles must be stored on an adequate impermeable surface equipped with devices for collecting scattered or fluid waste, the collection pit, or special container and degreasing agents.

List of collectors of end-of-life vehicles