Contracts worth HRK 1.2 million signed in Varaždin and support announced for resolving the problem of bales of waste


Today the director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Siniša Kukić, and his colleagues held a working meeting with the mayor of Varaždin, Neven Bosilj, and his deputy Miroslav Marković.

Director Kukić pointed out excellent cooperation of the Fund with almost all units of local self-government, and the Town of Varaždin was no exception. “We had a very productive meeting at the initiative of mayor Bosilj. We discussed all current problems, including the inevitable issue – the disposal of waste on location Brezje. The mayor and his team have organised everything very well and achieved the highest standards so far. The Fund and the Ministry of Economy are keen to see the issue of the bales of waste resolved, since this is not only a problem for Varaždin, but for Croatia in general,” said the director of the Fund, announcing that the Fund should co-finance the remediation with 40%. He also underlined that this year the Fund would have as many as 23 public calls worth 877 million kunas, which was the highest amount in the history of the Fund. 
During the meeting, three co-financing agreements for the projects in Varaždin were signed, for which 1.3 million kunas were allocated. These projects include the implementation of the noise and air quality monitoring systems, introducing the smart traffic solution for an intelligent public car park management, and providing additional funding for the construction and equipment of the sorting plant.
The mayor thanked the director and his associates who attended today’s meeting, expressing his appreciation for the continuing cooperation between Varaždin and the Fund. “We had a very fruitful meeting. Not only have we signed the contracts for three projects, but there is also another ongoing contract for the purchase of electric vehicles for our municipal services monitors. Varaždin wants to become a green city, and to achieve that, cooperation with the Fund is essential. Accordingly, we ‘re preparing dozens of projects until  the end of the year, and the information about the term of individual calls is very useful,” said Bosilj. He also presented the director of the Fund with the Request for co-financing the remediation of the landfill in Brezje. “We’re expecting the general consent from the Fund very soon so that we can start the public procurement procedure, and before the contract is signed, we’ll have to get the consent from the Fund’s Management Board and the Government, since this is a considerable amount that needs the government’s approval,” explained Bosilj.
In the conclusion of the meeting, director Kukić said he was certain the Fund and the Town of Varaždin would continue their cooperation in the implementation of similar projects as the town administration complied with all of the Fund’s cooperation criteria.