Contribution of green infrastructure to urban areas


As part of an international scientific conference organised by the Croatian Air Pollution Prevention Association, the representative of the Fund Nirvana Franković Mihelj, PhD, gave a presentation on the contribution of the green infrastructure to improving life conditions in urban settings.

Franković Mihelj pointed out that last and this year the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund launched  two public calls for proposals for financing the green infrastructure aimed at local and regional self-government units, which sparked a lot of interest. “Green infrastructure reduces the effect of heat islands, reduces noise and at the same time improves air quality in urban areas", said Franković Mihelj. 
One of the topics discussed at the conference held in Mlini near Dubrovnik, was the review of the Ambient Air Quality Directive European based on the guidelines of the World Health Organization. This news is important to the Fund in the context of the future programming of public calls and calls for proposals. 
Representatives of DHMZ introduced to the participants the project of extension and modernisation of the National Network for Continuous Air Quality Monitoring – AIRQ, which is financed through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020 and the national resources of the Fund. As part of it, 18 existing measuring stations were modernised, and 6 new ones were built. The computer model for the assessment of ground concentrations of pollutants in areas of Croatia without measuring stations has also been upgraded, the DHMZ chemical laboratory and the computer infrastructure have been modernised, thus establishing a complete system of air quality measurement and control in Croatia in order that meets the European and national criteria for the protection of the environment and human health.