Deputy director Budiša and mayor of Benkovac on remediation of “Crno brdo”


The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, in accordance with the conclusion of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the decision of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, will provide the necessary funds and carry out the remediation of “Crno brdo” (the Black mound), a waste-contaminated location in Biljane Donje. Deputy director of the Fund Mirko Budiša and head of the Environmental Protection Sector Aleksandra Čilić discussed the planned activities and dynamics of the implementation of the entire project at the working meeting held in Benkovac with the town mayor, Tomislav Bulić. Mayor Bulić was satisfied that the state would start with the removal of the ferro-manganese slag, which had been a problem for the local population for a long time. According to estimates, about 76,194 m³ of waste slag was disposed of in this area.

The Fund has already contracted the preparation of a study that will propose the most adequate option for slag remediation, which will be the basis for the drawing up of all the necessary documentation as well as a tender for the selection of contractors. The Fund will continuously inform the representatives of the Town and the local population about all steps. "Our goal is for the whole project to be in line with the planned dynamics because we are aware that the locals of Biljane Donje are eagerly waiting for the slag to be removed from their doorsteps as soon as possible," said deputy Budiša, who visited the Crno brdo location after the meeting with his associates and the mayor of Benkovac.