E-consultations with companies and trades about HRK 100 million worth public call


To increase the rate of recycling of certain special categories of waste in the Republic of Croatia for which the current treatment capacities are either insufficient or non-existent, the Fund is planning to launch an HRK 100 million public call for increasing, enhancing, and expanding the recycling capacities for separately collected waste fractions. In accordance with the state aid scheme, the co-financing is aimed at the purchase of special recycling machines and lines that will be conducive to increasing the recycling rate for non-hazardous packaging, waste batteries, waste lubricant oils and end-of-life vehicles. Legal persons and natural persons – trades will be eligible for co-financing up to a maximum of HRK 1.5 million or 20 million, depending on the model of co-financing (De minimis aid programme and State aid programme).
The draft of public call is posted on the Fund’s website https://www.fzoeu.hr/hr/natjecaj/7539?nid=181 and all interested legal and natural persons (trades) are invited to submit their proposals and comments by email at [email protected] in the period 19 – 25 April 2022 by 14:00.
The Fund will review the submitted proposals and comments and publish the consolidated responses after the conclusion of e-Consultations.