Energy renovation of houses application process presented to Zagreb citizens


Interested citizens of Zagreb came to the premises of the Zagreb Association of Trades and Crafts to the workshop organised by the Fund to get the relevant information about the steps in the process of applying for the energy renovation of family houses. The workshops that are being held across Croatia are aimed at presenting to the citizens the Public Call for energy renovation of family houses worth HRK 300 million.

After the Fund launched the Public Call on 15 September, they organised information and education workshop to additionally explain to citizens all the terms and conditions for co-financing.

During the workshop, the head of the Department for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, Mladen Ilijević, pointed out that eligible houses under this call were those not damaged in the earthquake, and the ones with tagged “Green – unrestricted access (U1)”. “These are houses fit for use, without damage or only small damage that is not posing a risk for the structural load and usability of the building,” explained Ilijević.

The employees of the Fund pointed out that financing was available for the houses with all relevant documentation and meeting one of the two conditions: having either up to 3 dwelling units, or a surface area of up to 600m2. Eligible applicants are natural persons house owners or co-owners with permanent residence registered at the address no later than 14 September.

Thermal insulation of the building envelope or a comprehensive energy renovation will be co-financed with up to 60% for the houses in the energy category D or lower in continental, or C or lower in coastal Croatia. The funding is also available solely for the use of renewable energy sources, either for the heating systems or electricity generation. However, these funds are available only for the houses in the energy category C or higher, or B or higher in the continental and coastal part of Croatia respectively, the grant amounting to 40, 60 or 80%, depending on the location.

By then, interested citizens have to create their user accounts so that they could log in, fill in the application form, and upload the necessary documentation. The Fund advised the participants who already had the documentation ready and waiting to obtain new quotes from the contractors. They explained that these quotes were only informative, and it was possible to change the contractor later on. On the other hand, documents such as energy audit report and energy performance certificate are valid for several years and it is not necessary to have them drawn up again if there were no additional construction works on the house.

For those who are not familiar with the online application process, the Fund will co-finance expert assistance with up to 500 kn, and the amount will be paid together with other energy renovation costs, based on an invoice or service contract. The citizens will be able to submit their applications
through the online applications system on 14 October 2021 at 9:00.

Due to their great interest, the citizens of Zagreb will have the opportunity to attend another workshop on 7 October at 16:00 at the Zagreb Association of Trades and Crafts.