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Energy efficiency

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Co-financing the purchase of A+++ home (household) appliances

The measures to achieve energy savings in households are one of the key guidelines of the European as well as the national energy policy, in line with the Energy Development Strategy of Croatia, and the Third National Energy Efficiency Action Plan currently in force. The majority of modern households have a number of electrical home appliances. In the household energy consumption, 20% is accounted for by home appliances, of which around 180 000 per year are sold in Croatia. By 2020, it is expected that more than 2 million appliances whose file cycle will expire will have to be replaced.

In order to reduce energy and water consumption, and to reduce the costs in the households and to reduce GHG emissions, in 2015 the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund approved 16 million kuna of incentives for the purchase of 20.000 A+++ home appliances in total. Currently there is no open co-financing programme. 

Why A+++?

  • A+++ cooling devices and dryers are up to 60% more energy efficient that the devices in energy class A.
  • A+++ washing machines and dishwashers are up to 30% more energy efficient that the washers in energy class A