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Energy efficiency

Education and other projects

Education activities of the Fund

Education and raising awareness of consumers are one of the most important steps in achieving the national goals related to rationalisation and savings in energy consumption, use of renewable energy sources, and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Being informed is the precondition for creating the habits of energy efficient behaviour and rational use of all available resources. Moreover, the prerequisite for the development and implementation of the new projects aimed at reducing the consumption of energy generating products, thus reducing environmental pollution. 

So, for the purpose of informing and educating the public, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund organized a number of workshops, meetings, and similar events, and it participates in the local, national, and international conferences for the purpose of exchanging insights, best practice, and experiences. Moreover, in cooperation with the relevant media the Fund runs information and education campaigns dealing with energy efficiency in buildings, and transport, and the use of renewable energy sources.