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Energy efficiency

Education and other projects

Education, research, and development activities

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund co-finances various research and development activities in the field of energy efficiency and low-carbon development. More specifically, the activities related to the following topics are co-financed: the building sector, heating and cooling, industry and cleaner production, energy services, renewable energy sources, Smart Grids, e-mobility, social, environmental, and economic aspects of the low-carbon development, and Smart Cities.

  • Education activities are the projects which comprise the measures such as sharing the knowledge, awareness raising and communication, networking, social and political dialogue, and education of different target groups.
  • Research activities are the projects which primarily comprise the activities aimed at gaining new insights and/or studying the applicability of the new or upgraded technologies, products, processes, services, or solutions.
  • Development activities are the projects which primarily comprise the activities aimed at preparing the plans and solutions or design of the new, modified or upgraded technologies, products, processes, services, or solutions.

The Applicants to the Public Call are obliged to define the key implementation indicators important for the project and to demonstrate the contribution of the project to the theme areas defined in the Public Call, based on which the Fund will evaluate the applications. The indicators must be realistically quantified with the expressed target value, and have to be listed in the application form. 

The Applicants can apply independently or as the project partnership. In the case of a joint application of several partners, the contract with the Fund will be concluded by the leading partner, meaning the partner which under the Partnership Agreement has the role of project coordinator. All project partners must meet the requirements defined in the Public Call.

The duration of the project which is applied to the Public Call can be the maximum of 18 months, and eligible costs are only direct costs that are directly related to the implementation of the project, i.e. the realisation of one or more project goals.

The subject-matter of the Call is not the co-financing of the national competent within international or EU project, the preparation of the project documentation under the Building Act, nor the preparation of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of investment projects.