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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in the building sector

Energy certification

In order to establish the current status of the building and the possibilities for reducing energy consumption, energy audit of the building is carried out. Energy audit and energy certification of buildings are carried out by certified persons authorised by the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning pursuant to the Ordinance on conditions and criteria for persons performing energy audits of buildings and energy certification of buildings (OG 81/12, 64/13). The Register of natural and legal persons authorised for energy audits and energy certification of buildings is published on the website of the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning. 

Energy audit of a building has to be carried out in accordance with the Ordinance on energy audit and energy certification (OG 48/14, 150/14).

The result of an energy audit is the energy certificate. The purpose of the energy certificate is to provide information to proprietors and users of buildings about the energy properties of the building or its separate useful unit, and to compare the buildings relative to their energy performance, performance of their energy systems, and the quality and properties of the building envelope. The certificate lists the average energy consumption in the building and it is categorised into one of 8 energy classes. The most efficient buildings fall into category A+, while the least efficient buildings are categorised into energy class G. The regulations in force in the Republic of Croatia imply that the newly constructed buildings should at least fall in the energy class C, while the majority of buildings constructed before the 1990s can be categorised in energy class E.

Apart from establishing the energy class, the energy certificate proposes the measures to increase energy efficiency, which can be used not only as advice on how to use the building, but also to plan the future investments in energy renovation of the building.

More information about energy audits and certification can be found on the website of the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning or the Ministry’s toll-free number 0800 232 333.