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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in the building sector

Energy renovation of family houses


The Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, and the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection, adopted on 27 March 2014 the Programme of energy renovation of family houses, which is implemented by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. The goal of the Programme is to increase energy efficiency of the existing houses, to reduce energy consumption and emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere, and to reduce the monthly costs for the energy generating products, with the overall improvement of the quality of living. At the same time, the planning of such interventions implies the engagement of the local companies and experts, meaning it promotes economic activities. The first Amendments to the Programme were adopted in 2015, and the Second amendments in 2020. 

After the adoption of the Amendments to the Programme, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund will continue with the national financing of the Programme of energy renovation of family houses in 2020. On 25 June 2020, the Public Call was invited for the citizens (co)owners of the existing family houses falling in the minimum energy category (according to QH,nd) D or below in the continental part of Croatia, or in the energy category C or below in the coastal part of Croatia.

For the purposes of this Programme, a family house is a building:

  • where more than 50% of the gross surface area is used for dwelling, and
  • which complies with one of these two requirements: has no more than three residential units, and has the gross construction surface area less or equal to 600 m2.

With up to 60% of grant funding, the citizens will be able to get co-financing to increase thermal protection of all elements of the building envelope of the conditioned area: energy renovation of the exterior wall, ceiling, floor, roof (all the required equipment and works related to improving thermal protection, including, for example, waterproofing, replacement of the structural elements of the roof, etc. – the details will be stipulated in the public call); the replacement of the windows and doors in the envelope of the conditioned area, and a comprehensive energy renovation, which implies a combination of measures on the building envelope and installation of RES systems (systems using solar thermal converters, systems using wood chippings/pellets, air-to-water, water-to-water or ground-to-water heat pumps, and photovoltaic systems for the production of electricity for own consumption).

Detailed technical requirements have been set out in the text of the Public Call, as well as the contents of the application documentation. A person can apply to the Public Call using the e-Application system for the Fund’s public calls (they have to register and create a user account first), which must contain the following:

  • The main application data (to be filled in online in the e-Application system for the Fund’s public calls)
  • Copy of the ID on both sides or the electronic records of residence (the e-Citizens system) or the certificate of residence
  • The latest valid proof of legality of the family house pursuant to the Building Act
  • The Statement form filled out by the applicant and the Statement filled out by other co-owners (link)
  • If the house is part of the listed cultural and historical whole, it requires the approval of the competent state administration body responsible for the protection of cultural and natural monuments
  • Proof of ownership or co-ownership (land registry certificate in which the recorded owner is the person applying for the renovation, and it is not necessary for the house subject to energy renovation is recorded in it;  or certificate from the court, where the land register has been destroyed or are not available, that they have either been destroyed or are not available and the Title deed from the local cadastral office)
  • If the numbers of land plots un he proof of legality and the proof of ownership differ, the certificate has to be obtained from the competent cadastral office stating that the land plots are equivalent
  • A detailed estimate of the contractor for the implementation of the measures specified in the report on energy audit, proving these measures will meet the technical requirements stipulated in the public call
  • Photo documentation of the as-is situation
  • The report on energy audit and the energy performance certificate (not older than 13 November 2012, which is eligible if there were no energy renovation measures implemented on the house, otherwise a new energy performance certificate has to be issued after implementing the measures)
  • In the case of installation of the photovoltaic systems, the main design is required, pursuant to the Ordinance on simple and other buildings and works (Official Gazette 112/17, 34/18, 36/19, and 98/19).

The submission of the applications to the Public Call will start on 1 September 2020 (Tuesday) at 9:00.

Until this date, the citizens have to create and activate their user accounts in the e-Application system for the Fund’s public calls, and they will have the option to fill out the application form and upload the required documentation. (The “Apply” button will not become active until 1 September at 9:00.)

More information about the Public Call for the citizens can be obtained by e-mail at: [email protected]

After the applications have been processed, the successful applicants granted the Fund’s resources will receive the Decision and Contract on co-financing. The beneficiaries will then have the period of 24 months from the date of signing the contract to implement energy renovation and submit the documentation required for the payment of the granted funding.

Of the total amount of HRK 203 million allocated for the energy renovation of family houses, HRK 32 million has been earmarked for the financing of energy renovation of family houses for the citizens at risk of energy poverty. Under the social criteria, set out in the Amendments to the Programme, which the Croatian Government adopted in May at the initiative of the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, social welfare centres will coordinate certified energy auditors to help in the application process to the citizens most at risk. The envisaged energy renovation measures and the cost of energy auditors for this group of citizens will be fully financed by the Fund.

> Public Call for the citizens at risk of energy poverty    

More information about this part of the Programme can by obtained by e-mail at [email protected]