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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in the building sector

Energy renovation of multi-apartment buildings

It is estimated that Croatia has approximately 50 million m2 of useable floor area in multi-apartment buildings. 65% of buildings are located inland, while around 35% is in the coastal part of Croatia. The majority of buildings were built before 1987, which means they consume approximately 200-250 kWh/m2 of thermal energy for heating. By implementing energy efficiency measures, the consumption of these buildings can be reduced to 50 kWh/m2, i.e. as much as five times!

In cooperation with the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, in July 2014 the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the Programme of energy renovation of multi-apartment buildings for the period 2014 – 2020, with the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund as the implementing authority. Over a 3-year period, the Fund provided for this programme grant funding in the amount of HRK 286 million, of which 200 million kunas was approved for the energy renovation of 257 buildings worth in total 461 mil. kunas.

In 2016, the funding started to be withdrawn from the EU funds under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion, in which EUR 100 million has been allocated for the renovation of the housing sector until 2020, of which approx.  70 million is allocated for the renovation of multi-residential buildings (approx. 525.3 million kunas). 

The Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning invited the first Call for tenders on 17 October 2016, and it was open for applications until 31 January 2017.  

The planned budget amounted to HRK 147.440.000, with the rate of co-financing of 60% regardless of the location, with the limitation of the maximum amount of the incentive per project to 13 million kunas. Energy audits and energy certification, as well as the preparation of design documentation were co-financed with 85%. 648 project applications were received, of which 596 were evaluated as eligible. The value of eligible projects exceeded 1 billion kunas, so the Managing Authority approved an increase to the planned allocation in order to be able to co-finance all the applications which fulfilled the eligibility criteria in the amount of approx. HRK 560 million of grant funding.

An overview of the signed Contracts on co-financing is available on the website of the Ministry.

Under the Call, all activities and measures that were envisaged in the Programme were co-financed, and the Fund provided direct technical assistance to all interested buildings, facility managers and representatives of co-owners, meaning not only  assistance with the application process, but also with monitoring the project in terms of advising and providing all the necessary information. All information can obtained at zgradekojestede.fzoeu.hr.



The Ministry of Constriction and Physical Planning announced that at the beginning of the 1st trimester of 2020 the new Call for proposals “Energy renovation of multi-residential buildings”, that will support the implementation of energy renovation measures and use of renewable energy sources in apartment buildings, especially using the integrated approach. We are suggesting to all interested parties to regularly check the web site of the Ministry, where all the information about the new call and application requirements will be posted on time. 

The Draft of the key elements of the Call is available  on the website for public consultations.

An informative video clip about the experiences of the applicants to the Public Call for energy renovation of multi-apartment buildings