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Environmental fees

Fees pursuant to the Act on Sustainable Waste Management

Fee for the management of EE waste

The Ordinance on the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (OG 42/14, 48/14, 107/14, 139/1411/19, 7/2020) lays down, among other things, the obligations and the manner of fulfilling the obligations of the producers of EE equipment, the list and minimum quantities of a certain type of products for which individual fulfilment of this obligation is allowed, and other issues relating to EE equipment and EE waste, for the purpose of achieving the goals set out in this Ordinance.

In accordance with the quoted Ordinance, the fee for the management of EE waste is paid by the producers and/or importers and/or introducers of EE equipment, i.e. legal and natural persons-tradesmen who place EE equipment on the market (import/introduction/production) in the Republic of Croatia.

More detailed instructions about the obligations of the producer/importer/introducer of EE equipment are available here.

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European WEEE Registers Network - https://www.ewrn.org/national-registers

Telephone contact for enquiries: +385 1 6459 759

An overview of stipulated forms for all fees and charges
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Report of EXPORTER of EE equipment (IU/PEEO)
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Report of PRODUCER of EE equipment (IU/PEEO)
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Decision – refund of EE fee
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