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Environmental fees

Fees pursuant to the Act on Sustainable Waste Management

Fee for the management of end-of-life vehicles

The Ordinance on the management of end-of-life vehicles and amendments thereto (OG 125/15, 90/16, 60/18, 72/18) lays down the procedures and goals of management of end-of-life vehicles, the method of their treatment, the requirements with regard to collection, storage and transport, including the marking and equipment of vehicles, requirements related to the treatment of end-of-life vehicles and waste resulting from the treatment, and related measurement procedures, content of the scheme for providing the service of collection of end-of-life vehicles, obligation to report and submit data, keeping records and submitting reports, the obligation and method of complying with the obligations of producers of vehicles, requirements with regard to vehicles that are placed on the market, the method of mandatory practices of producers of vehicles, holders, collectors and treatment operators of end—of-life vehicles.

In accordance with the quoted Ordinance, the end-of-life vehicle management fee is the amount paid by the producers and natural persons – citizens for the purpose of covering the costs of collection and treatment of end-of-life vehicles in the system managed by the Fund, upon the marketing of new or used vehicles. The provisions of the Ordinance apply to the vehicles which are, in accordance with a special regulation, classified in: M1 category – motor vehicles used for carriage of passengers comprising not more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s, N1 category – motor vehicles used for carriage of goods and having a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes, and three-wheel vehicles, excluding motor tricycles.  

Regulation on the management of end-off-life vehicles (Official Gazette 112/15)

E-mail for the submission of certified forms: [email protected]

Producers/importers/introducers of vehicles shall submit the data to the Fund for the purpose of calculating the fee using the stipulated forms:

An overview of stipulated forms for all fees and charges
PDF 347.61 kB
Information about the obligations of producers, liable to pay the fee for the management of end-of-life vehicle (amendments to the Ordinance effective as of 15/10/2016)
PDF 953.14 kB
Decision – export of vehicles
PDF 526.97 kB
Decision – modifications to the fees in the end-of-life vehicles and waste tyres management systems
PDF 75.82 kB
Notification to the stakeholders in the end-of-life vehicles and waste tyres management systems concerning the application of new unit prices
PDF 1.15 MB
Instruction for persons liable to pay the fee – natural persons citizens importing and/or introducing motor vehicles
PDF 1.34 MB
Supplement to the Instruction for natural persons – citizens for import, introduction of vehicles for the purpose of application of the provisions in the Ordinance on the management of end-of-life vehicles
PDF 551.54 kB
Form OV1 - *along with Form OV1, it is also necessary to submit the Report of the producer of tyres as an integral part of vehicles (Form IPG)
DOCX 15.09 kB