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Environmental protection

Nature protection

Biological and landscape diversity

Nature means the overall biodiversity, landscape diversity, and geodiversity. The role of the Fund is to employ its financial resources and expertise on the projects and thus contribute to the realisation of the goals set in the strategic and planning documents of the Republic of Croatia. By strengthening cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature, nature parks, and other public institutions, as well as through cooperation among the sectors and inclusion of the local and regional levels in resolving issues in certain sectors, the Fund becomes the main proponent of the projects and activities that are directed towards targeted research, monitoring the state of nature, preservation of natural values, efficient nature management, and use of quality nature protection solutions.

The Fund’s investments related to nature protection projects are directed at strengthening the nature protection sector and its EU funds absorption ability. The Fund (co)finances the preparation of project documentation and provides the national component for the projects financed from EU funds, especially for upgrading the visitor infrastructure in national parks and nature parks.

The Fund contributes to the development and implementation of other EU programmes (e.g. LIFE programme) in the form of co-financing of the national component for nature protection projects for all types of beneficiaries (the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature, public institutions, research and experts institutions, civil society organisations, etc.).

The Fund will stimulate research and preparation of research and expert base documents for drawing up preservation measures and defining the activities for the management of the Natura 2000 areas declared under the Habitats Directive (areas of conservation important for species and habitat types – POVS) from the Regulation on Ecological Network, OG 124/13), studies and preparation of expert base documents for zoning of the Natura 2000 areas declared under the Regulation on Ecological Network (OG 124/13), and collection of data on the distribution of populations of alien invasive species with proposals for eradication and control measures, or the implementation of the specific measures to eradicate and control alien invasive species.