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EU co-financing

Energy efficiency

Smart Grids pilot-project – distribution system which operates at low and medium voltages

Under Specific objective (4d1) it is planned to introduce new technologies (mostly IT-based) into distribution systems.

By installing smart meters and equipment, it is planned to achieve the following:

  • monitoring the load of low voltage transformer substations,
  • calculating losses in the medium voltage distribution network,
  • detecting and reducing losses in the low voltage grid and reducing CO2 emissions,
  • collecting input data for the analysis of mass installation of smart meters,
  • better maintenance of the distribution network and development planning, and (in particular) the reliability of the current system.

This specific objective should result in the introduction of the concept of smart grids in the Croatian distribution network in the form of an initial (pilot) project.

Examples of activities that can be financed under Specific objective 4d1 can be found here.