EUR 17 million for strengthening climate resilience of Croatian towns and municipalities


The Green Side of the Street - the 2nd public call of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund  

Davor Filipović, the minister of economy and sustainable development, and Luka Balen, the director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, presented today the representatives of the units of local and regional self-government with 76 contracts for the financing of climate change adaptation activities worth almost 17 million euros.

"We are witnessing climate change, which is a serious threat, and the consequences of which affect all aspects of our lives. Investments in green infrastructure are just one of the initiatives we are taking to adapt to climate change and make Croatia cleaner, and an even more pleasant and better place to live. There are many other measures and programmes that we are implementing, such as considerable investments in renewable energy sources, and in the production of energy from renewables for our own needs, which is followed by other activities of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, including the promotion of energy efficiency, sustainable waste management, and projects like this one - afforestation and greening of urban and suburban areas in order to make Croatia even greener", said minister Davor Filipović.

"In addition to planting trees and forming green areas, the Fund was also co-financing, with up to 350 thousand euros per application, projects of greening canopies at public transport stops, the installation of drinking fountains, urban garden projects, construction of pedestrian and bicycle paths, and projects aimed at informing and educating the public about climate change," explained the director of the Fund, Luka Balen. Under the The Green Side of the Street slogan, this is the Fund’s second public call for this drive. Director Balen emphasized that last year's call generated great interest, which was the reason for this year’s budget increase from EUR 11 million to 17 million. Moreover, in addition to the call for financing specific projects, the Fund has decided to co-finance the development of climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes and protection of the ozone layer with an additional EUR 536,000, as well as SECAP action plans, as they are the basis for the design and implementation of further projects. 

Given the toll taken by the increasingly visible consequences of climate change, it is necessary to act immediately to avoid or reduce their impact in the future. In this sense, urban greening represents a concrete infrastructure measure, which will ensure less warming, better air quality, encourage biodiversity, resilience, and make our cities more enjoyable to live in.
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