Excellent cooperation between Fund and Šibenik


The Fund and the Šibenik town administration are partners in numerous projects that are changing the town’s appearance and improving the quality of life of its citizens, it was said at the ceremonial session to mark the Šibenik City Day and St. Michael's Day held at Barone Fortress in the presence of numerous high-ranking guests, including the director of the Fund, Luka Balen, also representing minister of economy and sustainable development, his deputy Mirko Budiša, and their associates.

Mayor Željko Burić gave a retrospective of what had been done in the previous year. "The city of Šibenik today is a stable, financially sound city, with a secure future and perspective. Large and small projects have been brought to a close, and what they all have in common is the town’s progress. Even the smallest realised project has raised Šibenik to a higher level in terms of development. The three projects that I would like to point out and to which we will devote ourselves to the maximum in the future are the Batižele project, which we could not implement without the help of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, the project of building a new Šibenik hospital, and the relocation and construction of a new enclosed town farmers’ market", said the mayor and announced that contracts for energy renovation of the theatre and library would  soon be signed, also in cooperation with the Fund and the Ministry of Culture and Media.
So far, the Fund has provided 17.4m euros from its budget for the projects it is implementing in cooperation with Šibenik. In addition, through the Intermediate Body of the Fund, an additional EUR 16.2 million of EU funds were contracted, a large part of which was used for the construction of a modern waste management centre Bikarac.  

The audience were addressed by county prefect Marko Jelić, MP Branka Juričev Martinčev, and Ivan Malenica, the minister of administration and justice as envoy of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia.

"Šibenik as social, political, and economic hub of Šibenik-Knin County has always been the promoter of the development of this region of Croatia, a city that inspires and encourages municipalities and towns in its vicinity. The list of projects that the town administration has implemented in the previous period is impressive, as well as the plans that should be implemented. You have a lot to be proud of, and I congratulate you on that," said minister Malenica.

The opening speeches were followed by the awards and acknowledgement presentation ceremony.