Fee for the management of EE waste

The Ordinance on the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (OG 42/14, 48/14, 107/14139/14,11/197/2020) lays down, among other things, the obligations and method of fulfilling the obligations of producers of EE equipment, a list and the minimum quantity of certain types of products that can independently fulfil the individual goals and other issues related to EE equipment and EE waste for the purpose of achieving individual goals laid down in this Ordinance.
In accordance with said Ordinance, the EE waste management fee is paid by the producers and/or importers and/or introducers of EE equipment legal and natural persons – tradesmen who place EE equipment on the market (import/introduction/production) in the Republic of Croatia.  Detailed guidance about the obligations of producer/importer/introducer of EE equipment is available here.
Email for all enquiries: [email protected]
National registers in other EU Member States - https://www.ewrn.org/national-registers
Telephone for enquires: 01/ 6459 759
Producers/importers/introducers of EE equipment shall submit to the Fund the for the purpose of calculating and charging the fees data in the stipulated forms:
Register of producers of electrical and electronic equipment - WEEE Register 20 July 2021

Ordinance on amendments to the Ordinance on WEEE management – from 20 January 2020
Overview of stipulated forms for all fees   
Report of EE equipment PRODUCER/IMPORTER/EXPORTER (EE13 - Word) from 1 January 2019
Report of EE equipment PRODUCER/IMPORTER/EXPORTER (EE13 - Excel) from 1 January 2019
Report of the EE equipment EXPORTER (IU/PEEO) until 31 December 2018
Report of the EE equipment PRODUCER (IU/PEEO) until 31 December 2018
Decision – refund of the EE fee
PART A – Producer registration form  
PART B – Authorised representative registration form
APPENDIX 23 – Data submission form (reporting) for the register of EE equipment placed on the market