Fee for the management of waste batteries and accumulators

The Ordinance on the management of waste batteries and accumulators (OG 111/15) lays down the obligations and responsibilities of the producers of batteries and accumulators, the requirements regarding the separate collection and treatment of waste batteries and accumulators, the content of the programme for providing the service of collecting waste portable batteries and accumulators, the obligation to keep records and submit reports, the requirements regarding batteries and accumulators which are products, the method and conditions for labelling batteries and accumulators and packaging, the obligation and method of compliance with the obligations of manufacturers of products, types of products which must be registered in the Special categories of waste management register and mandatory procedure of manufacturers of products and waste holder, and other issues related to the management of waste batteries and accumulators, all with a view to achieving the goals laid down in this Ordinance.

Manufacturer of batteries or accumulators is a legal or natural person – tradesman, who professionally develops, manufactures, processes, treats, sells, introduces or import and is the first person to place on the Croatian market batteries or accumulators, including those in devices and vehicles,  regardless of the selling method. 

The waste batteries and accumulators’ management fee is a fee for the management of a special category of waste obliged to be paid by the manufacturer, and it used to finance the costs in the system for the collection and treatment of waste portable batteries and accumulators that is managed by the Fund.   

Regulation on amendmets to the Regulation on the management of waste batteires and accumulators (OG NN 57/20)

Detailed information about the obligations of the producers of batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators is available here (December 2015).

Email for the submission of certified forms: 
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Producers/importers/introducers of batteries and accumulators as a special type of products have to submit the data to Fund in the stipulated forms for the purpose of calculating the fee:

Decision on amendments to the Decision on modification to the fees and charges in the waste batteries and accumulators management system 2020    

Portable batteries and accumulators, notification to all producers

Illustrative non-comprehensive list of portable batteries and accumulators

Overview of stipulated forms for all fees and charges

Decision – export of batteries and accumulators

Form OBA1 – reporting import/introduction/production/export/taking out of the country from 1 October 2015