Fee for the management of waste lubricant oils

The Ordinance on waste oil management (OG 124/06121/0831/09156/0991/1145/1286/13), among other things, lays down the persons liable to pay the fee, types and amounts of the fees paid by the persons subject to the waste oil fee, the manner and time limits for the calculation and payment of the fees, and other issues related to waste oil management.
In line with the above Ordinance, the person liable to pay the waste oil management fee is the producer of oil or a legal or natural person-tradesman that produces and/or imports and/or introduces fresh lubricant oils referred to in Annex I of the Ordinance in the Republic of Croatia, irrespective of the selling technique used for own or another party’s purposes. The fee is used to cover the costs of waste oil management.

E-mail address for the submission of certified forms: [email protected]
Producers/importers/introducers of fresh lubricant oils shall submit to the Fund the data required for the calculation of the fee in the stipulated forms:

Decision on amendments to the Decision on modification of the fee in the waste oils management system 2020

Overview of stipulated forms for all fees and charges



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