Fee for the management of waste tyres

The Ordinance on the management of waste tyres (OG 113/16 ) lays down the procedures and goals of waste tyres management, the conditions for waste tyres management, the types of waste tyres that have to be collected separately, the method of treatment of waste tyres, the requirements with regard to collection and storage of waste tyres, the obligation to keep records, the obligation and method of compliance by the producers of tyres and products comprising tyres, the list of tyres and products that are subject to registration in the Register of management of special categories of waste, the method of mandatory practices of producers of tyres and holders of waste tyres, and other issues related to tyres and waste tyres for the purpose of preventing the generation and landfilling of waste tyres, i.e. stimulating their collection, reuse, recycling, and other forms of recovery pursuant to the Act, in order to fulfil the goals laid down in this Ordinance.

In accordance with the quoted Ordinance, the fee for the management of waste tyres is the amount paid by the producers to cover the costs of collection and treatment of waste tyres in the system managed by the Fund. The provisions of this Ordinance apply to all types of new or used tyres, and rubber tracks used in households or by registered entities for the transport and transfer of substances, objects, and persons, including the execution of works, and waste tyres originating from these products.

The categories of products whose tyres are covered by this Ordinance include: private vehicles and their trailers, small lorries and passenger vehicles and trailers, lorries and passenger vehicles and trailer, forklifts, heavy-duty vehicles, tractors, carts, bicycles, motorcycles, and aircraft. Annex II to this Ordinance contains a non-exhaustive list of the products covered by these categories.

Decision on amendments to the Decision on modifications of the fees and charges in the end-of-life vehicles and waste tyres management systems (Official Gazette 57/20)

Producers/importers/introducers of tyres and/or products of which tyres are an integral part, shall submit the data to the Fund for the purpose of calculating the fees using the stipulated forms:

For the period of import/introduction/production of tyres until 1/1/2017 in the IPG form (producer of tyres report form):
E-mail for submitting certified forms: [email protected]