Waste tyres collector is entitled to a fee: 
  • For accepted quantities 350 kn/t
  • For temporary storage, sorting, and loading 70.00 kn/t, for the transport from the location of the licensed collector to the treatment plant, the fee depends on the distance from the temporary storage to the storage of the recovery operator in the amount of 1.00  kn per tonne kilometre travelled.
Waste tyres treatment operator is entitled to a fee: 
  • Recycling 600 kn/t
  • Energy recovery 100 kn/t

  • Act on Sustainable Waste Management (OG 94/13)
  • Ordinance on waste tyres management (OG 113/16)
  • Decision on modifications to the fees for the management of end-of-life vehicles and waste tyres (OG 40/15 , 57/20)
  • EU Directive 1999/31/EC