Importers and/or introducers of new lubricating oils in the Republic of Croatia, and producers of new lubricating oils in Croatia – persons subject to the fee, when they place new lubricating oil on the market as an individual product pay to the Fund the fee for the management of disposal of waste lubricating oils in the amount of 0.54 kn/l.

The amount of the management fee is stipulated in the provision of Article 23 of the Ordinance on the management of waste oils, and the tariff codes for new lubricating oils on which the management fee is charged are listed in ANNEX 1 to the Ordinance.

The reimbursement of the management costs paid by the Fund to the licensed waste oils collectors for the quantities of waste oils that were collected and handed over for recovery and/or waste oils quantities exported for disposal are laid down in Article 16(4), and Articles 29 and 31 of the Ordinance on the management of waste oils.

Reimbursement - waste oils