Fees and charges

The collector’s fee for take-back of end-of-life vehicles, inclusive of VAT amounts to:

        o         0.45 kn/kg for the quantities of end-of-life vehicles taken at the holder’s location,
        o         0.15 kn/kg to cover the costs of take-back and temporary storage of end-of-life vehicles,
        o         0,15 kn/kg to cover the costs of transport of end-of-life vehicles from the collector’s warehouse to the treatment operator,
        o         0.80 kn/km per tonne of transported end-of-life vehicles from the collector to the treatment operator if the distance exceeds 150 km.

The fee for handing over for recovery a complete end-of-life vehicle which the holders themselves took to the collector’s warehouse or called the collector to take it back at the location where the end-of-life vehicle is located is amounts to 1,00 kn/kg minus the relevant tax and surtax.