Fund earmarked HRK 6m for civil society organisations


On 21 June the Fund will launch the Call for proposals for co-financing environmental protection and energy efficiency projects worth HRK 6m, with the highest co-financed amount of HRK 80,000 per project.
The call is aimed at civil society organisations and associations entered in the Register of associations that have been active for at least one year in the Republic of Croatia, and that operate in mainly one of the following fields: ecology, environment and nature protection, sea and marine environment protection, climate change, sustainable development, and speleology.
“Environmental protection and energy efficiency are two fields that are of the utmost importance nowadays, and we have to bring them closer to the citizens. Associations have an important role in shaping public attitudes and behaviour, and dealing with the specific topics that are not always in the public focus,” said acting director of the Fund Alenka Košiša Čičin-Šain.
The projects eligible for grants should cover the field of waste prevention and reuse, organising eco clean-up drives of the seabed and speleological objects, activities aimed at raising the awareness about climate change adaptation, informing the public about their role in protecting the environment, promoting eco-management and the importance of the eco-labels, and implementing activities to raise awareness of eco-mobility solutions, informing about energy efficiency and RES measures, and measures to combat energy poverty.
An association can apply to the call for proposals independently or in partnership, the application being submitted by the association that is the lead partner. Under this call for proposals, any association as the lead partner can apply and contract no more than two projects. The deadline for submitting the application is 31 August 2022.
The aim of promoting these projects is increasing the awareness of Croatian citizens about the importance and methods of protecting the environment and energy efficiency. At the same time, it is essential to have active involvement of the citizens in local environmental and energy efficiency projects, and to increase their awareness about biodiversity and the importance of protecting the flora and fauna Croatia abounds in.