Fund finances project to control spreading of Ailanthus altissima on Kornati


The Fund granted EUR 128,000 to Kornati National Park to finance the project for establishing control of invasive alien species – the tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima).

“In accordance with the Nature Protection Strategy and Action Plan, the Fund granted to Kornati National Park financial support to establish control of the tree of heaven to prevent it from spreading further. The project supports the identification of the initial status, removal of ailanthus, prevention of its spreading, and regular monitoring in selected habitats that are seriously endangered. In doing so, it is important to raise awareness of local stakeholders and the public about the negative impacts of invasive alien species to prevent their introduction and spreading in the future,” said Luka Balen, the director of the Fund, upon signing the contract.

Today, the tree of heaven is present on all continents, except Antarctica, and it is considered one of the most invasive plant species in Europe and North America. It is widespread in Europe, save for the Alpine biogeographical region and northern Europe, and it is entered on the list of invasive alien species of concern in the European Union. Therefore, projects like this one are of great importance for the areas that need to be brought under control and to prevent this plant from spreading.