Intermediate Body level 2

Special department at the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund is performing the tasks of Intermediate Body level 2, within the institutional framework for utilising European Union structural instruments in the Republic of Croatia. Pursuant to the Act, their tasks include:
  • Assisting Intermediate Body level 1 in preparing user guidelines, especially parts defining specific requirements for a preliminary evaluation of project compliance with the applicable eligibility criteria,   
  • Evaluation of project conformity with the applicable rules on eligibility of activities and projects, and eligibility of expenses,
  • Concluding grant agreements with beneficiaries and Intermediate Body level 1,  
  • Ensuring that beneficiaries use a separate accounting system or separate accounting project codification,
  • Advisory measures, ensuring that beneficiaries get familiar with their rights and responsibilities regarding the financing,
  • Verification of deliveries and eligibility of project expenses, and administrative and on-the-spot checks,
  • Monitoring the progress of the project and reports thereon as appropriate or at the request of bodies in the quality control and management system (QMS),
  • Submitting the information on verified expensed to line ministry/financing institution, and to the Managing Authority, 
  • Examining suspected irregularities, establishes irregularities, and reports on these irregularities to the competent bodies,   
  • Implementing information and visibility measures with special focus on the measures aimed at beneficiaries,  
  • Ensuring proper implementation of information and visibility measures by beneficiaries,
  • Preparing internal written procedures for the implementation of their tasks, pursuant to the guidelines adopted by the Coordination Authority or Certification Authority,
  • Entering relevant data in the information system for recording, storing, and processing of data necessary for financial monitoring and monitoring of project implementation, (MIS, ESIFMIS, e-funds),
  • Keeps the documents and records on their tasks to prove an adequate audit trail. 

The projects that IB2 at the Fund is currently supporting are implemented under the Operational programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020, and in terms of thematic goals they cover:
  • Improving energy efficiency and renewable energy sources    
  • Environmental protection   
  • Climate change and risk management   

Information about the programme and the relevant calls are available at www.strukturnifondovi.hr.

The 2021 – 2027 period is the new financial perspective of the European Union, and the basis for utilising its mechanisms are the programming documents -  Partnership Agreement and operational programmes. EU funds 2021 – 2030.