Marine habitats mapping project completed


Representatives of the Fund participated in the final conference of the project “Mapping coastal and seabed marine habitats in the Adriatic Sea under national jurisdiction” in Brijuni.
The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development organised the final conference “Croatia Under the Waves” in Brijuni National Park to mark the completion of the project in which the Fund was one of the participants through its Environmental Protection Sector and Intermediate Body. The project worth almost 12 million euros will make make available marine biodiversity data regarding the distribution of species and habitats.

The conference was also attended by the minister of economy and sustainable development, Davor Filipović, who emphasized the importance of protecting our sea. "This is a precondition for a systematic approach to sustainable use and preservation of the Adriatic, and for the implementation of optimal conservation measures in protected areas and the ecological network areas," said minister Filipović.
"For project implementation, grant in the amount of EUR 10.1 million was provided from the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020, with EUR 676,000 of national resources provided by the Fund," said Sanja Jelačić, head of Intermediate Body of the Fund, who participated in the conference together with her colleagues Aleksandra Čilić, the head of the Environmental Protection Sector, and department heads Vlatka Gulan Zetić, Jadranka Rajić Bradvica and Brigita Crnković, who were actively involved in project implementation.