More than 2200 new energy efficient vehicles to hit the roads thanks to Fund’s incentives


2241 applications for co-financing, received this morning starting from 9:00 via the application of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, are an indicator that interest in electric vehicles in Croatia is constantly growing. The Fund's public call was temporarily closed at 13:00 as citizens had booked EUR 15 million in incentives. According to information from the field, the funds were sufficient for all interested buyers of energy-efficient vehicles.
"The ample budget for this co-financing programme is having a positive impact on the faster decarbonisation of the transport system. We can soon expect more than 2200 new, energy-efficient vehicles on Croatian roads. This is particularly important not only for achieving energy efficiency goals in transport, but to improve air quality in cities. Given that today we are also marking Earth Day, we are glad that a number of citizens have decided to use more environmentally friendly vehicles. And this is just the beginning because this year we’re planning to continue with the co-financing scheme for legal entities and the public sector, given that incentives are still the most important motivator for changing the existing fleet", announced the director of the Fund, Luka Balen.

This year's call, aimed at natural persons or citizens, who had  to apply for co-financing through points of sale, depending on the brand of vehicle they wanted to buy. Only new energy-efficient vehicles whose total price, including any discount and VAT, did not exceed EUR 50,000, were eligible for 40% co-financing under this programme.
Most requested were passenger electric cars, i.e. vehicles in M1 category, for which incentives amounted up to 9,000 euros. Co-financing was requested for 1629 passenger cars, of which 1517 are electric and 112 are plug-in hybrids. Among the most sought-after vehicles are Tesla vehicles, Renault, Hyundai, Opel, Dacia, MG Motor and Citroën, which, thanks to incentives, in terms of pricing come close to the same vehicle categories with internal combustion engines. For motorcycles and scooters, i.e. L category vehicles, citizens could receive up to 2,500 euros in grants, in which 612 citizens showed interest. The greatest interest in incentives was in the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County, Split-Dalmatia, Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Istria County.

After the points of sale have reserved the funds, citizens have eight days to pay their mandatory minimum advance to the account of the dealership, entering their reservation reference number in the payment order. The dealership should then upload into the  Fund’s app the invoice for the advance and proof of receipt of payment, and the customers then receive to their emails a confirmation of successful application to the Fund's Public Call. Those whose documentation is complete and correct will receive the Decision and the Co-financing Agreement, after which they will have time until the end of the year to purchase the desired vehicle and submit the appropriate documentation, against which the Fund will make a one-off payment.