New Plitvice Lakes National Park observation deck opens, plus announcement of investment in mountain huts


Director of the Fund Luka Balen participated in the official opening ceremony of the new observation deck “Tomićevo pogledalo” on Stubica Hill.

The observation deck was opened by the minister of economy and sustainable development Damir Habijan and the director of Plitvice Lakes National Park Tomislav Kovačević, together with their associates. The opening of the observation deck coincided with the 75th anniversary of the Plitvice Lakes National Park designation and the 45th anniversary of its listing in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The location of the observation platform is famous for the Croatian writer and translator Josip Eugen Tomić, who drew inspiration for his poems at this spot. The observation deck boasts a panoramic view of part of the Upper Lakes (you can see Prošćansko, Ciginovac, Okrugljak, Veliko, Batinovac and Gradinsko Lake) and the surrounding peaks.
Apart from investments in the visitor infrastructure and the announced renovation of the hotel, the park's most important task is yet to come. Demanding revitalisation projects are underway to preserve travertine barriers and remove partitions on rivers and streams so some parts of the trails will have to be relocated to ensure the natural growth of travertine and the preservation of beautiful lakes.

Minister Habijan stressed that investments in nature protection had to be a priority and that Plitvice Lakes was the best example of sustainable tourism. He added: "The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, together with the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, will take special care of investments in mountain huts and reconstruction of existing facilities. The renovation of mountain lodges on Risnjak and Velebit is planned, and on Lastovo Island the reconstruction of an abandoned barracks into a visitor centre. We’re planning to implement these three projects over the next two to three years."

“As in the past, the Fund will continue with investments in projects that contribute to the development of tourism, such as investments in the visitor infrastructure in national parks and nature parks, as well as in biodiversity and natural values preservation projects. In this way, we’re trying to ensure efficient nature management and the use of the best nature protection solutions,” said Balen.
Minister Habijan congratulated director Kovačević and his associates on the anniversary of the park and the successful completion of the project of the observation deck construction, while Kovačević pointed out that it was expected this feature would attract visitors to the woodland paths above the lake and thus relieve part of the visitor system.