Opened Call for renewable energy systems worth HRK 100 million


Today the environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund launched the Public Call for co-financing renewable energy systems aimed at different types of legal entities. The budget allocated to the call is HRK 100 million, and due to the great interest of potential beneficiaries, the submission of applications, instead of the originally announced 31 March, will start on 12 April at 9:00.

The Fund’s Call is open for the units of local and regional self-government, state administration bodies, other budget and extra-budget users, institutions, cooperatives, companies, trades, family holdings, private renters, sole traders, and other legal entities, except associations. The call is also open for apartment buildings co-owners who can apply through their building managers, and for religious communities. The main thing is that the building where the system will be installed was not damaged in the earthquake, and the amount that individual successful applicating will be able to get the maximum of HRK 1.4 million.

For the purchase and installation of the system on one or several locations, the beneficiaries will have 40, 60 or 80% of co-financing available, depending on the location where the project is implemented. The systems covered by the co-financing scheme include heat pumps, solar thermal collectors with efficiency rate of at least 70%, wood chippings/pellet boilers, or pyrolysis furnaces with the rate of efficiency of at least 87%, and integrated photovoltaic power plants to generate electricity for own consumption. The co-financed power plants include off-grid or systems connected to the grid. The PV modules efficiency cannot be lower than 18%, and output power (including the integrated assembly and DC cabling) can be no more than 50% higher than the connected power feeding back into the grid.

Apart from the equipment, the drawing up of the main design – one of the mandatory application documents – will also be co-financed. The main project can be financed with up 40% of eligible costs, or up to a maximum of HRK 70,000 per location, and retroactive co-financing is also possible if the project is not older than 24 September 2020 i.e., since the start of the application of the Technical regulation on rational use of energy and heat retention in buildings. The main design for the PV power plant connected to the grid along with the stipulated elements must comprise the calculation for the planned annual electricity generation of the power plant with the energy balance (production/consumption), expressed as the share of electricity fed into the grid. In the case of off-grid power plants, the battery must be dimensioned so that it has the capacity for at least three rainy days.

To ensure the quality of the planned project, supervision can also be co-financed in the amount of up to 40% of eligible costs, or maximum HRK 56,000.00 per location. One application can include the installation of different RES systems on several locations.

Since these are complex projects, it is extremely important they are prepared in a high-quality manner to ensure safety and proper operation of the system. That is why co-financing will cover not only equipment and design,  but also expert supervision with up to 40%, or no more than 56,000.00 kunas per location.

To apply, all interested beneficiaries have to prepare the necessary documentation on time, transfer the files to portable media (e.g. USB) and send them by registered mail or take personally to the registration office of the Fund starting on 12 April at 9:00. The applications will be processed in the order of receipt until the resources are used up.

Public Call for stimulating the use of renewable energy sources (EnU-1/22) >