Waste packaging in the Deposit Return System

Packaging is any product, regardless of the type of material (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, textiles, wood and multilayer (composite)) from which it is made, which is used for holding, protection, handling, delivery and display of goods, from raw materials to finished products, from manufacturer to user or consumer, and packaging is also considered to be non-returnable items intended for the manufacture of packaging that will be used for these purposes as well as packaging auxiliaries, which are used for wrapping or bundling goods, packaging, airtight closing, preparation for dispatch and labelling of goods, consisting of:
  1. the sales or primary packaging in which the product is sold or handed to the end consumer at the point of sale of the packaging;
  2. bulk or secondary packaging containing multiple products in sales or primary packaging so that the product is accessible to the consumer as a set and individually, or which serves only to fill the shelves at the point of sale, and can be separated from the product without affecting its properties; and
  3. transport or tertiary packaging which is protective packaging enabling the transport, transfer and handling of a certain quantity of products packaged only in sales or in sales and aggregated packaging, where this type of packaging does not include containers for road, rail, ship and air transport of goods
The waste packaging management system was established in 2006 and comprises the activities of collection and treatment of waste packaging and supervision of the performance of these activities with the aim of preventing the disposal of waste packaging in landfills due to environmental damage caused by the disposal of waste packaging at landfills, but also due to economic damage because they are energy-valuable materials.
The Deposit Return System is part of the waste packaging management system in the Republic of Croatia, which involves a method for managing single-use packaging of PET, Al/Fe and glass with a volume equal to and greater than 0.20 l intended for beverages (defined in the provision of Article 4, paragraph 1, item 18 of the Ordinance on packaging and waste), where a deposit fee is used as an incentive measure encouraging the holder of waste to separate waste beverage packaging from other waste and hand it over to the seller or the civic amenity site manager, for which the deposit fee is refunded.
Persons subject to the DRS in the Republic of Croatia include:
  1. Sellers who sell beverages in accordance with the definition in the Ordinance on packaging and waste packaging, and whose sales area is larger than 200 m2;
  2. A seller who is engaged in wholesale trade in the meaning of the provisions of the Trade Act, regardless of the size of the sales area, and who offers beverages, is obliged to enable his buyers to hand over waste beverage packaging;
  3. Civic amenity site manager or bring bank manager.
A seller selling beverages whose sales area is less than 200 square meters may participate in the DRS if he complies with the spatial and technical requirements for the collection and storage of waste beverage packaging in a safe manner.