Public Call for the energy renovation of family houses will start on 13 March 2024


The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund published on its website Amendments to the Terms and Conditions and Criteria for co-financing energy renovation of family houses, in which certain conditions are further clarified and specified. An update to the Technical conditions has been published as well as the mandatory content of the power of attorney, which citizens can use to authorise another person to submit an application on their behalf, has also been published. Also, the Applicant's statement form is available on the website, which also includes the co-owner’s consent form. The change is that the copy of an ID card will not be part of the mandatory documentation, instead the certificate of residence is requested, which is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
The launch of the public call and the receipt of applications, starts on 13 March 2024. From that day onwards, citizens will be able to download from the Fund's website the application form and the technical budget form, which comprise part of the mandatory application documentation.

These are electronic versions of documents that will have to be filled out with basic information about the house and information on planned energy renovation measures or installation of RES systems. In addition, applicants will have to attach to their application all other mandatory documents that they will prepare in advance, such as the applicant's statement, consent of the co-owner, certificate of residence, proof of legality of the house, land registry extract from which the ownership is visible, energy audit and certificate, and quotes from contractors.
This year, applications will be submitted through an app linked to the National Identification and Authentication System (NIAS), in which citizens will apply. The link to the application will be published as part of the Public Call.
The (co)owners of the family house will be able to file the application themselves or it can be filed on their behalf by a proxy. If the application is submitted by a proxy on behalf of the applicant, a special power of attorney for submitting an application to the public call certified by a notary public must be uploaded to the application form.

As a reminder, the public call, for which a record 120 million euros are available, is intended for citizens who are owners or co-owners of family houses in which they have registered residence. For a house to be eligible for co-financing, more than 50% of the surface area must be used for housing, the gross floor area must not exceed 600m2 or a maximum of 3 dwelling units.

The aim of this program, through which the renovation of over 25 thousand family houses has already been co-financed, and which the Fund implements in cooperation with the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, is to promote energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy sources in households.