Pupils who left an imprint, not a carbon footprint: Winners of the Fund’s competition


After more than a month of examining and evaluating a large number of submitted works, the best entries in the eco-educational contest for elementary and high school pupils – “Leave and imprint, not a (carbon) footprint” were chosen. The goal of the competition organised by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund was to raise awareness, motivate and guide children and the young to properly handle waste – reduce, separate, and reuse.

The expert jury were faced with a difficult task considering the number of creative works entered from all parts of Croatia, but some entries really stood out in their creativity and originality regarding waste reduction and a sustainable way of life.

In the 1st through 4th grade elementary school category, the winners are 2nd grade pupils from Gradac Elementary School who devised a brilliant alternative to the “traditional” birthday bash, and their prize is one such party that will be thrown just for them. The runners-up are elementary school pupils from Braća Radić Elementary School in Koprivnica, i.e. 1st graders from Starigrad Regional School. The third place was won by the pupils from August Cesarec Špišić Bukovica Elementary School – Regional School Okrugljača.

Creativity and knowledge in waste reduction was also shown by the pupils attending grades 5 through 8. The winners are Little Eco-champions at the Rovinj Juraj Dobrila Elementary School, who recorded a very creative 1-minute video showcasing their view of a sustainable way of life, which won them the opportunity to hang out with one of Croatia’s most famous Tiktokers – Luciano Plazibat. No less creativity was shown by the runners-up from August Cesarec Elementary School in Ivankovo, and the pupils from Centar Elementary School in Rijeka, who came in 3rd.

The challenge put before high school students was to put on a fashion show in which they could use only two shirts, one pair of trousers or one skirt, and just one pair of shoes from the clothes they already owned. However, judging by the applications received, they did not lack in originality. The best entry was submitted by the pupils from II Gymnasium in Split who won the prize of discovering the world of electric hypercars. The first runners-up in both creativity and originality are pupils from Construction and Technical High School in Rijeka, while the second runners-up are 3rd graders from Vela Luka High School.

“We are delighted with the response to the competition, and the talent, creativity, and originality that pupils at elementary and high schools from across Croatia have shown with the help of their teachers and mentors. The pupils have proved they are very much aware of the issues concerning waste reduction and sustainable way of life, which actually is the goal of the eco-educational competition the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has been organising for years and will continue to do so,” said Sunčana Matić from the Public relations service.

The entries were evaluated by the representatives of the Fund and the agency Komunikacijski laboratorij, influencer Barbara Vesanović Gašić, a.k.a. Debela Barbara, Tiktoker and dancer Luciano Plazibat, and artist Vanja Babić.

You can check out the results of the competition here: Leave an imprint