Waste recovery is any procedure the main result of which is useful waste recovery when waste replaces other materials that would normally be used for that purpose, or waste that is prepared to fulfil that purpose, in the factory or in the wider economic context.
Waste oils recovery means regeneration and material recovery procedures in which new products are produced, or which allow reuse of waste oils or thermal treatment, i.e. energy recovery of waste oils.
Licensed waste oils recovery operator is a legal or natural person - tradesman holding a licence to pursue the activity of recovery and/or disposal of waste oils, and has a concession for recovery and/or disposal of waste oils.
Licensed recovery operator is obliged to accept from the collector all collected waste oils in category I and II free of charge and validate the consignment note, and to recover them pursuant to the provisions of the Ordinance on  waste oils management.

Licensed waste lubricant oils recovery operators 28/10/2020
Licensed waste cooking oils recovery operators
Report from the waste lubricant oils recovery and/or disposal company (IOOMU)
Explanations of and instructions from the Ordinance on waste oils management - collectors and recovery operators - 2007
Annex II to the Instruction on waste oils management - collectors and recovery operators - 2011