Treatment of EE waste means EE waste recovery or disposal procedures, as well as preparatory procedures before the recovery or disposal of EE waste.  

The treatment operator is obliged to take from the collector all collected EE waste, free of charge and validating the collector’s consignment note, and to treat it in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance on the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The EE waste treatment operator is a legal or natural person-tradesman that pursuant to the Act on Sustainable Waste Management has the licence to perform the activity of treatment of EE waste.

Licensed treatment operators in the EE waste management system managed by the Fund:  
The company CE-ZA-Ro d.o.o., 10090 Zagreb, Josipa Lončara 15, licensed treatment operator for categories 1, 4 and 5 of EE waste.
The company SPECTRA MEDIA d.o.o., 10000 Zagreb, Gradišćanska 20, licensed treatment operator for categories 2 to 6 of EE waste.