Resolution Z partnership continues


The daily paper Večernji list presented Luka Balen, the director of the Fund, which is one of the partners on the environmental project Resolution Z, with the Certificate of Appreciation in the official event held at the HAZU National Hall Revival Stateroom. This ecological project was launched last year and so far, 50 clean-up drives were held with participation of more than 9000 volunteers.

“The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund will continue supporting all activities aimed at educating our citizens. The Resolution Z is not only a one-off eco-drive, but a long-term project that brings together different stakeholders from all walks of life around the idea that sustainability should be our priority. It is important to constantly broach this topic in the media because we’re now at the crucial moment in history when we are still able to do something about it,” said director Balen. He pointed out that climate change was becoming more extreme by the day affecting all social spheres, and that we should all make an effort to mitigate these impacts.

The ceremony of presenting certificates of appreciation was also the opportunity for the CEO of Večernji list, Renato Ivanuš, who was the originator of the project, to announce that Resolution Z was turning from an eco-drive into a full-scale environmental project for planet Earth.
 “Last year we organised some sort of activity every week, and we’re not planning any rest this year either. We’ve welcomed 2023 with a new action entitled “Be Part of Resolution Z” and invited citizens to join us. And in cooperation with Hrvatske šume, we’ll plant a tree for each one of them. We will know exactly where each tree for each person was planted, and I’m positive that by the end of the year we will have a proper woodland in the making, with more than ten thousand trees. So, we will have initiated the largest environmental project in Croatia,” announced Ivanuš, who thanked the attendees in his address.